Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Giveaway ~ Photosmart Printer

Over at 5 Minutes for mom, they are giving away a brand new HP Photosmart printer.

This is hot-off-the-press, high-tech fun!

Today, Tuesday August 28th is the big launch date for the HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo Printer.

  • It’s tiny!
    Don’t start thinking you need to clear off a shelf for another full size printer. This cute little Photosmart Printer needs almost no space. It’s only about 10 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep and 5 inches tall.
  • The print quality is exceptional.
    I was astounded at the quality of the photos I printed. I do not believe anyone would be able to guess which photos I printed on this printer and which I had professionally printed.
  • It’s portable.
    A little handle makes it easy for you to take your printer with you to scrapbook parties, and you do not even need to bring your computer. It can run on batteries, or you can plug it in to any power outlet. Then you can simply pull your memory card from your digital camera, plug it into the printer and start printing. So as you scrap you can decide which photos you want to print and at what size.
  • You’ve got lots of options of how to transfer your photo files to the printer.
    The folks at HP really made sure this printer supported your favorite way to transfer files. You can use a memory card such as an xD-Picture Card, Compact Flash I and II, Memory Stick or a Secure Digital MultiMedia Card. Or you can send photos directly from your computer using either a USB cable or an HP Bluetooth wireless printer adaptor. If those aren’t enough options, you can also connect a PictBridge digital camera, or a USB flash/thumb drive or even an iPod!
  • You can print different sizes of photos.
    The printer can support several different sizes of paper including the commonly used 5 x 7 and 4 x 6. It can also print panoramic photos on 4 x 12 photo paper, and several other sizes such as 4 x 8 photo cards, photo stickers and more.
  • It can connect to computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac computers.
    If you’re using Windows XP or Vista, or Mac OS 10.3x or 10.4x your computer will be fine connecting and sending files to the printer. But remember, you can use the printer without a computer.
  • You can customize your photos directly on the printer.
    You don’t even need to load your photos into a photo editing program on your computer. You can remove red eye, sharpen blurred photos, improve brightness, color and contrast at time of printing. You can also get creative by drawing on your photos or adding frames, captions, clip art and special effects.
  • It’s so easy to setup and use.
    You can have your printer setup and printing in minutes. (And no, you do not need to call your husband. LOL) The printer comes with a quick setup guide and the printer’s online help guides you through the steps as well.
You can enter this amazing contest here.

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