Monday, August 6, 2007

Mozy Free PC Backup

Recently I started looking for free online backups for my documents. Mozy is the one that I found that I seem to like the best. They give 2GB free & then you can earn more through referrals. My 2gb has been up for about a week now & I just realized today that I could get some more free. If you are interested in backing up your files, check out Mozy. You can also buy more space for backups, so you are not restricted to getting referrals.

Signing up is very easy ~

1) Fill out an easy online survey about yourself

2) Verifying your email address/account

3) Downloading and installing the Mozy software on your computer

4) Select the folders to backup & start

Mozy is a FREE program. It supports Windows. Macintosh support is available under public beta.

Mozy does everything in the background. You can also set up how you want to be a notified & if you select that you do, a little window pops up. Very easy to use. That way if your computer crashes or even if you delete a file & change your mind. You can restore your computer.

5 star program!

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