Thursday, December 13, 2007

Limited Too Sale ~ Tween Gift Ideas

Limited Too 234x60 Banner

Special Offer! Save 25% Off Your Purchase

Too Bucks promotion:
We are now in the redemption period for our Too Bucks promotion. Customers who spent $50+ and received a $25 Too Buck during the distribution period can now redeem their Too Bucks on a purchase totaling $50+. The redemption period will last until 12/16/07.

Holiday Bonus Cards:
The bonus card promotion gives customers a $10 bonus card if they spend $50+. Bonus cards will be distributed through 12/31/07 on qualifying orders. Customers may redeem their holiday bonus cards on purchases totaling $20+ between 12/17/07 through 2/3/08!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

What a FABULOUS little blog you have here! I love it!! So pretty, too!! I'm jealous! Mine is getting a big makeover at the end of the month...I want to be pretty, too! hehehe

Just wanted to thank you for adding my banner to your oh-so-gorgeous blog! That was so kind of ya! Oh and I just posted another giveaway if you want to enter! :)


barb michelen said...
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* Gin * said...

Thanks Melody, I love your blog! I just need to find time to actually post, I have all these ideas & just no time, lol.